To Cheer Myself Up and Stay Positive Strategy 2: Affirmations

wp-image-353605417jpg.jpgI am always early to appointments.
My work is free of critical errors.
I finish what I start.
I remember all critical information when I need it.
I have good ideas that I share with the group.
I am thoroughly prepared for each meeting.
I follow through on all projects.

I make projects work.
I confidently lead meetings.
I am courageous.
I know what I’m talking about.
I have a strong voice.
What I have to say is important.
I can interrupt.
I am comfortable with people.

If it’s important, it’s important enough to pay attention.
I don’t shit on my time by not paying attention to what I’m doing or splitting my attention.
I always have plenty of time and money because I accomplish the important things first, focusing on what needs to be done to be healthy, to have a clean home, to give thanks to God, and to answer the call of my heart and soul.
I have exactly the right amount of time and money to do what needs to be done every day, every week, every month, every year.
I have plenty of time and money.

Today is for me. My thesis is for me. It’s mine.

I even made my passwords into affirmations, so I’d be typing an affirmation every time I logged into my computer. I even kept the little wrappers from the Hall’s cough drops, the “pep talk in every drop,” and every time I found them, I would re-read them. They actually cheered me up, too.

I don’t think affirmations have anything to do with sending energy into the universe or whatever. But, call it what you will, when you are positive, people respond to that. When you have the courage or confidence to say what you need or what you’re doing, people will help you. They’ll make connections and bring them back to you. And if you’ve been working hard to stay positive, maybe you’ll be ready to believe that you can take advantage of those opportunities.

Everyday encounters that seemed like chores, obstacles, curses even, can become challenges and opportunities with a changed attitude. An everyday occurrence can be a confirmation of your never-ending failures or just something you can try again tomorrow. An annoying co-worker can be a burden and cross for you to bear, or an exercise in balancing compassion and assertiveness. A meeting can be a soul-sucking exercise in futility or an opportunity to volunteer for something different for the team and a place to write down your ideas for improvement.

It all sounds cheesy when you’re deep in the depression hole. But if you inch your way there, you can make it to cheesy and happy instead of dark and broody over time. Even just a little hope may be the difference between finding the will to ask a critical question or not, whether that’s of your doctor, your boss, your partner, a friend, or even a stranger. You have to let people know what you need, ask for help, advice, participate in your health, and engaging with others is better when you have that hope.

Affirmations helped me to keep my eyes on the light peeking in from the top of the hole. They helped me dig my way out instead of burrow further in. They changed me attitude about everyday situations. After reading one a few times when I had lapsed into brooding instead of working, I would think, you know, it really is possible for me to do this. I just need to make a plan.

Have you ever had an affirmation or affirmations help you? What was your affirmation? How did they help you?


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