Lord of the Rings–Movies and Books

First, let me explain–I like to read, so I read a lot of books, and I’m lucky enough that many of my favorites have been turned into movies. Well, many of you may have seen these movies or read the books. Here’s my review of the translation from book to movie for one of the classics/favorites that recently became a movie series. I think this is something I’m going to continue to do–perhaps my niche? I’ll have to see if someone’s already in this niche…Anyway, Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I read the books in high school: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. The first movie, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, was released the last day of high school. I remember because I made special plans to see it. I saw all three movies in the theater, totally ecstatic. Obviously, I had not been a long-time fan, but the story is epic. And Tolkien manages to create a bittersweet nostalgia for the fellowship members, despite the fact that the fellowship only lasted 1/3 of the book. Tolkien creates a world so big and clear you could live in it.The characters are deep, lovable, always more going on than on the surface.

The books have been around for so long, a big classic trilogy in the fantasy genre with so many fans, that there was a lot of pressure to get it right. Thanks to CGI, they were able to deliver on the ‘epicness’ with the movies. The movies are beautiful, densely packed with many of the trappings of the books and the world of Middle Earth. Unlike many books-to-movies, there are no major plot differences. It’s been awhile, but I think I can say that rather comfortably. Many people missed Tom Bombadil, but he’s in the extended DVD version.

The movies were done very well, tastefully, grandly. I remember the last movie, actually, felt about 20-30 minutes too long–the end provided a bit too much closure. But it was accurate. If they’ve got the time and ability to do it with the same quality, I’d love to see the Hobbit, the prequel, and maybe even the Silmarillion, though I’ve never read the Silmarillion, so I’m not sure it would translate as well–it’s supposed to be a history.


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