Writer’s Retreat

Picture this: it’s a beautiful day in autumn, temperatures around 75-80 degrees much like the past couple days here in Houston. So, it’s a beautiful day with perfect temperatures, and you’re in a log cabin in the woods with one land-line phone. No internet service. No TV. You’ve got lights, A/C, running water. And nature. For whatever period of time, dinner is served most evenings, and you speak only to whom you wish. All the freedom to write you could want.

 This is the writer’s retreat. Yes, all this could be yours. All for the price of one portfolio representing 2-5 years of work (I’m guessing)–writing, music, paint, sculpture, whatever. And I am completely envious of Alexis Grant who just spent two weeks at the Hambidge Center, an artist’s retreat in northern Georgia. This would be her second retreat. 

Her first trip to Hambidge was 5 weeks last year. They have several different cabins, all with studio space for whatever type of artist you are, and you apply to stay there for however long you need with your portfolio and a letter stating why you need a retreat. Alexis stayed the first time to complete her manuscript. Now she’s there to put on the very final finishing touches.

So, I’m totally envious. And currently in my career, a writer’s retreat would probably do me no good. I have no manuscript. At this point, I have the creative stamina of a tomato. Just 3 days and my mind would be squishy and tasteless. But I’ll get there. For now, there are goals and lots of envy. Alexis has become a role model for me, especially since we both hail from good, old Houston, and her blog is so accessible and friendly. Bear with me here–I’ll get to talking about someone else sooner or later.


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