How to Begin My Writing ‘Career’?

So, I’d like to try getting paid for my work. FYI, I am not getting paid for this blog. If I get to be popular, that may open some doors for being paid for blog posts. So, what are my options right now?

Intensive (perhaps not extensive) internet research has revealed that there are several options for beginning a writing career without losing a day job. See below.

1) Freelance writing (possible in short-term)

2) Writing contests and competitions (possible in short-term)

3) Trying to get into a paid blogging gig (possible short-term)

4) Writing a book/book proposal and shopping around for an agent (long-term)

Freelance writing could be cool because it doesn’t take much commitment and pays pretty well per-hour. Plus, there are websites where you can do it from the internet. Places like these: However, I’d need to spend some time putting together a ‘bid’ for every job I wanted to take, and for that, I’d need to put together a portfolio=lots of work.

Also, some of these ‘freelance’ sites (NOT those above, I think) probably get 99% of their business from college students looking to skip their term papers. Who goes to college with more money than brains?

Writing contests–I have no idea how much competition there is. I won a contest at school, but University of St. Thomas Houston is a small school, so it was easy to be king of the hill there. Also, I won a poetry contest at school–not short stories, which is supposed to be the genre I’m working on. There’s no money in poetry, just fun.

A paid blogging gig would require a history of blogging, perhaps? I’m working on that, but maybe it actually belongs in the category of mid-term possibilities. If I can blog 3-4 times a week, with reasonably good topics, I may be able to find someone who’ll pay me to do it. I just wonder if they’d pay me to blog about writing…Right now, I’m thinking probably not.

As for seeking a book deal, that’s like a 10-year plan. I’d need a good book, written by yours truly, for editors to chew into a little pieces and hand back. Then I’d need an agent. Then, I’ll need to hang around for another 10 years for a publisher to decide it’s the right quarter to publish said book. I’m trying to be realistic here instead of optimistic, lest I get too excited and try to publish my non-existent book tomorrow. I’ve been reading these blogs from other authors and agents to get the inside scoop: and and

So, that’s what I’ve been exploring to get started on my career. I’ll let you know how it goes. If you’d like to see more of the research I’ve been doing, I’ve kept most of it at my Delicious account. For those of you that don’t know what Delicious (the website) is, it’s just a place where you can keep your bookmarks and favorites online so people can see them and you can get to them everywhere there’s interweb access. Mine is: .

Any other ideas? Does anyone have a good website on getting published to suggest?


2 thoughts on “How to Begin My Writing ‘Career’?

  1. Hey Kelli,

    There is writing contest of the Fountain Magazine. You know it’s world wide so you can prove your success in writing to the world :)).
    The topic is what would you do if you had 72 hours to live? Plus you can win $ 5,000 as a winner and be a star of a new reality TV series.
    I am so serious, you should go get it.

    Check the website:

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