Eat Pray Love

So, it’s a movie. Did you know it was a book first? Yep. Actually, there’s even a sequel (book) called Committed that picks up where Eat, Pray, Love leaves off. Of course I have to weigh in a little.

The movie was sweet and inspiring, and with many ‘book’ details left out of the movie due to time constraints, I found it weaker than the print version. But it carried the gist of the story/life of Elizabeth Gilbert’s recovery from her horrible divorce and subsequent discovery of herself. They surprised me with many details I don’t remember that managed to paint a very similar picture as the written story.

There were many major scenes in the movie that I do not remember reading about. I thought that made the movie a very nice complement to the book instead of an exactly faithful account. That’s assuming I didn’t just forget a bunch of stuff.

Okay, review aside, Elizabeth Gilbert spends a large portion of her year sort of looking for signs and getting advice from people trying to help her clean up the mess of her life. And following her story helped me with my own at the time (A LOT). Eat, Pray, Love has been part of the journey to my dream of writing. Honestly, I have a lot of the same problems as Gilbert, minus the divorce and multi-million dollar book deals. Two pieces of advice she received that felt new to me are below. (I don’t think I’m spoiling anything.)

Richard from Texas says something like “You need to pick your thoughts every morning as carefully as you pick the pieces of your wardrobe. ” I can in no way be accused of doing this. When I walk into the office in the morning, cheerful people ask me, what’s wrong? Which is extremely irritating, all you cheerful morning people! I will scowl if I want to! But I guess the point is, if I’m thinking the right things, I won’t be scowling. And you can control what you think. I learned that from Richard from Texas.

I also learned that you should “Look through your heart instead of your head. That way, you will see God.” That’s from Kutut Liere or however you spell his name. I’m no good at this either. I feel like a complete fool if I’m not using my logical brain parts for everything. Thanks, Mom. I suppose I could work on it. That’s why I’m telling you. Just don’t be the smile police, please. I hate hitting people, but I will to do what’s necessary to preserve my sanity.


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